We have a full time cook on site who prepares all our meals from scratch. All of our stocks, sauces and gravies are homemade and we do not add any salt or sugar. Our meat is organic and sourced from a local butchers. We have fruit and snack available for children to help themselves to throughout the morning and afternoon. After lunch we offer natural yoghurt and fruit for pudding. We do not serve pork. We are always happy change our menu where necessary to ensure everyone's needs are met.

A sample of our meals can be seen below

Lunch- Beef lasagne and vegetables
Tea-Homemade pizza with wholemeal base and hidden vegetable sauce

Lunch- Jacket potatoes with a choice of filling
Tea- Chicken, broccoli and corn on the cob with flat breads

Lunch- Chickpea and lentil chili served with rice
Tea- Pasta with homemade pesto

Lunch- Tuna and sweetcorn Homemade pasta bake
Tea- Sandwiches on fresh bread with a choice of filling

Lunch- Homemade veggie samosas with carrot and cucumber sticks
Tea- Scrambled eggs on toast

Vegetable Patch

Our vegetable patch is a great space where the children can help to grow a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs. From planting the seeds to watering them and watching them grow to finally harvesting them and enjoying them at snack or meal times, the children will learn so much about nature and where some of their food comes from.